Officer of the Month: June, 2018
Congratulations to Officer Joshua Chrystal #5536 for being Towson Precinct’s June Officer of the Month. Officer Chrystal was exceptional in his patrol efforts with 3 felony arrests, 1 misdemeanor and 1 serious traffic arrest. In addition to his criminal enforcement he submitted 33 state citation, 30 warnings, 14 safety equipment repair orders, 1 parking citation and 3 field interview reports.
One particular case of note involved his proactive patrolling in an area of a recent shooting. Officer Chrystal initiated a traffic stop for a minor traffic violation and immediately recognized criminal activity within the vehicle. A search of the vehicle yielded a large quantity of marihuana, crack cocaine and distribution paraphernalia. In addition to the drugs that were seized he recovered a loaded hand gun.
A second notable case involving Officer Chrystal was developed through his observation of a minor traffic violation. Officer Chrystal stopped the vehicle and after recognizing criminal activity seized a large quantity of marihuana.
Officer Chrystal continues to be a highly motivated officer which is recognized by his supervisors. I would like to thank Sergeant Matthew Lehto #4490 for his efforts in recognizing Officer Chrystal and submitting him for the nomination.

Commanders Award

I would like to congratulate Officer Niavanni Grant #6028 for receiving the Commanders Award. Officer Grant was recognized for submitting the largest number of state citations within her squad as well as a high number of warnings totaling 39 pieces of paper. In addition to her traffic enforcement Officer Grant had 3 exceptional misdemeanor clearances.
One particular case of note involved Officer Grant’s response to a harassment with an RRE component. Officer Grant’s ability to interview and respond with sensitivity was key for the successful conclusion of this case.
Officer Grant is a new officer that has high potential of becoming one of the shift leaders as she progresses. Her supervisors recognize her ability to adapt to the adverse conditions officers face in the work environment. She has displayed a willingness to learn and a “can do” attitude. I would like to thank Corporal Dana McCormick #4776 for his efforts in recognizing and submitting Officer Grant for her accomplishments.

Sorry, photo not available at time of publication.

Lieutenant Will Buckingham #3731
Precinct Six/Towson
Administrative Lieutenant