February 20, 2018, Officer Amanda Halley trains three new patrollers from Greenbrier Community and two new patrollers from Hillendale Park.  Wesley Wood sits on the sidelines listening.  All COP volunteers are required to be trained by a Balt County Officer before formally patrolling.  Many important points are discussed.  Two most important issues are: NEVER GET INVOLVED and NEVER CARRY A WEAPON.

Baltimore County has a complete manual on volunteering to do COP in our com- munities.  How to handle your calls to 911, how to describe any gun that may be involved in what you are reporting, the importance of giving the 911 operator the correct and exact location of where the suspicious or active crime is happening, the correct and complete description of vehicles and suspects, how often to patrol, whether to patrol in marked or unmarked vehicles, whether to stay until police arrive, or not, etc.  There is a lot to talk about with an officer before you think you know what you are doing on patrol.

If you have not been “trained” by Baltimore County Police, check out the calendar on this website for when the next one is scheduled.  They normally take place at Baltimore County Police Outreach Station, 1055 Taylor Ave,  Towson.   Contact number for this station is 410-887-5933.  Leave a message if officers are out on call when you make the phone call.

Officer Halley trains COP volunteers 2.20.18