There are many dog walkers around our pet loving neighborhoods!  CITIZENS ON PATROL has a program that is easy to participate in… Through DOG WALKER WATCH, we hope to convert many of those walkers to ‘extra eyes and ears’ to fight crime for police.  Dog walkers can be an extremely valuable resource in helping to make our communities safer.  Dog walkers are out at all hours of the day and in all types of weather – and they know who belongs in their neighborhood and what is wrong in the neighborhood.  Note, the size or breed of the dog does not matter.  It is the walker who is watching!

Dog walkers just need to be aware of what’s going on and what is out of place.  Just carry a charged cell phone and DO NOT HESITATE to call 911.  Report things or people that look wrong to you.

Examples of “what is wrong”

  • People going door to door, if after a few houses you see them try to see if the door is locked, looks in windows or goes into the back or side yard, it could be a burglar or one planning future burglaries.

  • Anyone peering into parked cars may be looking for valuables to steal.

  • Anyone trying the handles of the cars to see if they are unlocked. Can you believe people actually leave their cars unlocked, hard to believe, isn’t it?

  • The sound of breaking glass or explosive noises could mean an accident, burglary or vandalism.

  • Someone carrying a TV not in a box, that is suspicious!

  • People sitting in a parked vehicle. They could be lookouts or checking out places to burglarize or they could be drug pushers.

Fox 45 News Interviewing Mike Calwell and Pat France, TACOP, about

TACOP COP Dachshund

Dog Walker Watch Program

Remember, NEVER GET INVOLVED, NEVER CARRY A WEAPON and NEVER BE AFRAID TO CALL 911. The people at the 911 Center are there to serve us. We are the taxpayers who pay their salaries… you are not bothering them!

Questions are welcome!  Pat France, TACOP/VP Towson Area Citizens On Patrol Phone: 410-828-5564 or email: