How to Spot a Scam Email:

In general, it’s best not to click on links that come in unsolicited emails. Instead, says the Better Business Bureau, go to your browser and search for the organization if you want more information.

  • Check out the “From” field: Scammers hide email addresses, making the message appear to come from a legitimate source. Look out for email addresses that don’t match the brand used in the email message.
  • Watch for typos, strange phrasing and bad grammar. Scammers can easily copy a brand’s logo and email format, but awkward wording and poor grammar are a sign that the message is a scam.
  • Hover over URLs to reveal their true destination. Typically, the hyperlinked text will say one thing, but the link will point somewhere else. Scammers either set up fake websites or hack into third-party sites and use them to host malware.