Pat France, Wesley Wood, Captain Jay Landsman
Pat France, Wesley Wood, Captain Jay Landsman

Pat France, Wesley Wood, Capt. Jay Landsman

Before the Active Shooter Seminar, 9.26.17, Towson Area Citizens On Patrol and Police and Community Relations Council presented a “Certificate of Appreciation” to Captain Landsman after he announced that he has been promoted from Commander of Precinct Six to Major of Administration and Technical Services. Pat France, representing TACOP and Wesley Wood, representing PCRC gave the Captain the Certificate that read: “We sincerely appreciate your excellent leadership and constant availability and support to whomever needed you and our sheer gratitude for being you. The very best of luck in your new position!”

Captain Landsman is one of the most accessible and responsive police officers I’ve ever worked with. He would often respond to emails or phone calls on evenings and even weekends. Captain Landsman takes the time to understand the needs of the community he serves and has a passion for law enforcement and keeping our communities safe.

Mike Calwell, TACOP President

Captain Landsman has always been there for our community’s needs. He is very approachable, and always responds to our needs. Whether it be an email, phone call, or attending a neighborhood meeting, he has always shown his concern for the well being of our community.

Kathy Fick, TACOP Board Member

Captain Landsman has set the highest standard of responsiveness and cooperation with community organizations such as Towson Area Citizens on Patrol. We will miss him!! Congratulations on this well deserved major promotion!!!!

Janice Arcieri, TACOP Secretary

As a public official and as private citizen, the best word to describe Jay is cordial. Whether the badge is on or off, Jay is the same guy. The officers of the Towson Precinct along with the citizens of the precinct have been blessed to have him as Captain. I look forward to the day he is named Chief. I wish him the best in his new rank and position.

Rob Williams, COP volunteer in Rodgers Forge

I have been in TACOP for 17 years and we have had 7 Captains in that timeframe in Towson. Captain Landsman has been the best yet. So easy to work with, very responsive and most supportive. And his door was always open, making himself always available. He is at the top of the list! His constant support of Citizens On Patrol is unmatched.

Pat France, VP of TACOP and Director of Knollwood Donnybrook COP

Captain Landsman always presented a calm and reassuring demeanor. He welcomed questions and comments. I can’t think of another police officer who was more approachable and concerned. He was quick to give the outstanding officers under his command the public praise they deserved.

Whenever a certain crime trend developed in the Towson area, he made great efforts to communicate through community meetings and online statements to community leaders that everything possible was being done alleviate the situation. His online comprehensive crime prevention tip lists I’m sure helped the public to be much more security conscience. Under Captain Landsman’s watch a good number of crime trends were stopped in the Towson area. My own community of Campus Hills has experienced less crime under his tenure.

Captain Landsman never hesitated to express his appreciation and encouragement for the efforts of the Precinct 6 Police and Community Relations Council and the Towson Area Citizens On Patrol volunteers.

Wesley Wood, Director PCRC Precinct Six and Director of Campus Hills COP

Capt. Landsman provided expert leadership of the Towson Precinct in keeping our community safe. While we are sad that he will no longer have a daily presence in Towson, it is good to know that BCPD will be in good hands as he assumes greater responsibilities.

Paul Hartman, Past president, Greater Towson Council of Community Associations

Captain Jay Landsman was always available to me for any matters affecting the safety of Towson University or the surrounding community. He would frequently visit our command center during special events. Captain Landsman was very committed to his command and the community as evidenced by his many long hours of work into the night and weekends as needed. I congratulate him on his promotion and wish him well in his career. He will be missed.

Col. Bernard Gerst, Towson University Police Department