I would like to congratulate Officer Zachary Serio #6136 for being awarded Officer of the Month for July 2018. Office Serio produced the largest number of citations within his squad as well as a high number of warnings. He was a squad leader in traffic case clearances. In addition to his traffic enforcement Officer Serio cleared two felony cases through an extensive investigation. Officer Serio was able to identify 5 separate victims of identity theft through this investigation with a loss total of $3,997.87. Officer Serio was able to obtain search and arrest warrants with the assistance of the precinct’s Investigative Services Team to bring this case to a successful conclusion. Officer Serio was also involved in a felony shoplifting case with a theft value of $1,500.00. Officer Serio was able to recover a stolen dog by directing his fellow officers as he developed case leads.
Officer Serio’s ability to communicate, investigate is displayed by his exceptional police performance.
I would like to extend my appreciation to not only Officer Serio for his dedication and performance but to Corporal Dana McCormick #4776 for acknowledging Officer Serio.Lieutenant Will Buckingham #3731
Precinct Six/Towson
Administrative Lieutenant