At the March 27, 2018 Police and Community Relations Council (PCRC) meeting, Major Jay Landsman, Jr. talked about his family’s history in public safety and law enforcement over the last 80 years  Starting in 1936 with Raymond Landsman.

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Jay Landsman’s father Detective  Lt. Jay Landsman, Sr. and sister Officer Janet Landsman were all here and described their service and experiences in law enforcement. Jay, Sr. is now Assistant Director of the Baltimore County Crime Lab and Janet works in the Mobile Crisis Team.

Below photo: Jay Landsman Sr, Jay Landsman Jr and Janet. 

As we know, Maj Jay Landsman Jr was promoted from being Captain of Precinct Six in September, 2017 to Major now working in the Baltimore County Police headquarters in charge of Technical Services Division which includes:  Training Section; Materials & Facilities Management Unit; Technology & Communications Section, and Employment Section.

 The Landsman family is in a unique position to support each other in police work; three of Jay Jr’s siblings, Nickolas and Joe, also have police positions.  Nickolas is an officer in the Pikesville Precinct and Joe is a sergeant in the Baltimore City Police FBI Task Force.  In addition Janet’s daughter, Officer Ashley Scott works in the Parkville Precinct.  This makes a total of three generations of Landsmans serving at the same time in the Baltimore County Police Department.

Jay Landsman Sr. now 67,  worked more than two decades for the Baltimore City Police, 16 of that in the homicide department.

The Landsman children hold memories of their father’s time in Baltimore, and what it was like to grow up with their father working a high-profile job.

There are the funny stories, like the time Landsman Jr. handcuffed his wrist to his ankle as a child and had to wait for his dad to come home to free him. Now every key ring in the house includes a handcuff key. Landsman Jr. and the other kids would make faux investigations, writing police reports on “suspicious” catalogs delivered to neighbors.  The kids would stay up late some nights and wait for Landsman Sr. to come home with pizza .

Janet Landsman laughed while she said, “My father thinks we are still 5 years old.  He is always bringing us food…candy, cakes, etc.”

Major Landsman Jr told stories about how he and his father were working on the same case together many years ago and they were the two officers who ultimately apprehended the criminal!

Interestingly, the character played by Delaney Williams,  on the television series Homicide: Life on the Street was inspired by Jay Landsman, Sr. The TV series was based on the book Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets. The book’s author, David Simon had spent a year embedded with the Baltimore City Homicide Unit. Lt Jay Landsman Sr said “it was a lot of fun doing the TV Show!” THE WIRE was another TV show Jay Landsman Sr is famous for!

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Lt Jay Landsman Sr said “We Landsmans are a very close family. We eat together every Sunday at our house.   Sunday dinners have been a tradition forever! “We never know who will be there due to work schedules”, Janet said.  Jay Sr said, “My wife, Mary, is the reason we stay together and enjoy and support each other.  She always has enough food somehow for everybody.  She is just terrific.

The following Photos were taken March 27, 2018 at the PCRC meeting:

The Landsman’s enjoyed telling us about their Law Enforcement family as much as we enjoyed listening!