Back: John Falconer, Rodgers Forger; Mike Brazeal, Campus Hills; Mike Calwell, Yorkleigh; Rob Jenkins, Towson Manor Village; Jeannie Clancy, Knollwod; Bob Clancy, Knollwod; Next row forward: Joe LaBella with baby, Towson Manor Village; Councilman David Mark; Joe Kelly Loch Raven Village; Lois Hedemann, Goucher Woods; Capt Brown, Precinct Six; Councilwoman, Cathy Bevins; Karen Curley, Campus Hills; Lily Rowe Greater Hillendale; Janice Krach, Knittishall; Chuck Ammann, Greater Hillendale; Roger Proehl, Ridgely Condos; Cyndy Eisenrauch, Ridgeleigh; Front row: David Riddle, Knollwood; Karen Sorensen, Wiltondale; Sandra Ortwein, Knollwood; Peggy Lombardi, Greater Hillendale; Pat France, Knollwood; and Rob Williams, Rodgers Forge.

TACOP’s Mischief Night was on Monday, October 30th, the night before Halloween. COP patrollers from all over Towson gathered at 1055 Taylor Ave at 6:00pm. Then we went off to our neighborhoods to patrol. COP patrollers carry a cell phone so they can call in to a special number if there is major mischief.

We also collected gloves, scarves, hats and jars of peanut butter for shelters and homeless.