FROM Lieutenant Buckingham:

I would like to congratulate Detective Andrew “Colt” Bracken for him being awarded Towson Precincts Officer of the Month award for October 2018. Detective Bracken made seven felony arrests, seven misdemeanor arrests, cleared ten felony cases and seven misdemeanor cases. He obtained one arrest warrant and executed two search and seizure warrants. Detective Bracken recovered a handgun and $1000.00 worth of stolen property.

There were several cases for the month that Detective Bracken solved, however there is one in particular Sergeant Michael Hill recognized as being exceptional as compared to the other investigations he was involved in. This one particular case began in another precinct and he was able to piece the cases together because of the recovery of an excellent piece of evidence. Detective Bracken began investigating a theft from auto and credit card misuse that occurred at the YMCA here in Towson. Detective Bracken was able to associate this case with another case that occurred along Loch Raven Boulevard. Through his intensive investigation he later learned these cases were similar to ones occurring in Precinct One Wilkens. Detective Bracken was able to identify the suspects identity through video surveillance and bring the cases to a close.

In addition to his performance as a skilled investigator his dedication alone exemplifies the values of our Department. I would like to extend my appreciation to Sergeant Michael Hill for his time and effort in submitting Detective Bracken for this award.

Lieutenant Will Buckingham #3731
Precinct Six/Towson
Administrative Lieutenant