Presenters at the PCRC  2.27.18 mini seminar on Police Body Worn Cameras were Capt. Jan Brown, Commander of Police Precinct 6; Capt Jeffrey Hartman, Technology and Communication Section and Division Fire Chief, Wayne Tome, Sr., Towson Fire Station One on Bosley Avenue.

Division Fire Chief Wayne Tome, Towson Station One

Wesley Wood, PCRC Director, introduced the Fire Chief who talked about how to keep your house from catching fire.  Burn leaves at least 200 Feet from buildings.  He told us that if there is a fire in your house to close doors so the air draft does not spread the fire.  Then he reminded us that the flu season is still in season and we should not be shaking hands with people.  He suggested touching elbows to say hello.

After the Fire Chief spoke, Captain Jan Brown presented information about Body Worn Cameras (BWC) with the help of Captain Jeffrey Hartman, Technology and Communications Section.

Capt Jeffrey Hartman explained how cameras can be worn on collars or on sides of glasses. Officers have a choice of sun glasses or clear glasses. Most choose sun glasses.

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Capt Jeffrey Hartman and Capt Jan Brown

Wesley Wood then reminded everyone that there will be a Seminar on May 2, 2018 at 7:00PM on ACTIVE SHOOTER presented by Officer George Mussini at the Loyola Graduate Center in Timonium.  This seminar will be sponsored by Baltimore County Police and Community Relations Councils.

Please contact Wesley Wood with questions: or 410-823-2578.