Baltimore County Precinct Six Officer of the Month Award:

 The Officer of the Month for Precinct Six in the March   of 2018 is awarded to our Investigative Services Unit:. Detectives Andrew “Colt” Bracken, Todd Meckley, Sean Bissett, Eric Heyman and Michael Ruby performed their duties above and beyond as a result of some very unique situations and investigations.

During the month of March, 2018  these Detectives made nine felony arrest, four misdemeanor arrests, cleared 17 felony cases and 14 misdemeanor cases. In addition they obtained ten arrest warrants, executed six search and seizure warrants, recovered three handguns and $6763.00 worth of stolen property. Detectives utilized the TEAM CONCEPT along with their combined knowledge and investigative skills to solve these case.

A notable case cleared by these Detectives involved the robbery of a USPS driver making a delivery. Their investigation led to the execution of two search and seizure warrants and the apprehension of two suspects. In addition to this case the Detectives were called in to assist with an assault and shots fired call at a nearby business. This investigation took countless hours however because of their tenacity they were able to execute a search and seizure warrant that led to the recovery of evidence and weapon used. Detectives were called to assist for a theft of cigarettes at a nearby convenience store. The suspect in this case went into the location and in a robbery style action stole the cigarettes. Through their investigation Detectives determined this incident matched that of several in a nearby jurisdiction and neighboring precincts. After a lengthy investigation and coordination with other jurisdictions and specialized units they were able to execute two search and seizure warrants and obtain two arrest warrants.

The Investigative Services Team dedication and knowledge assist them in solving cases in the Towson Precinct area. Their performance exemplifies the values of our Department, and furthers our positive mission in making the Towson community safe. I would like to thank Detective Sergeant Mike Hill for taking the time to submit and acknowledge their great performance and would add he did play an intricate part in seeing through their accomplishments.

The Commander Award is being presented to Officer Jesse Callas of Shift Two. Officer Callas produced an impressive amount of traffic related enforcement consisting of 78 citation, 55 warnings, 12 repair orders, 3 traffic arrests and 12 serious traffic clearances. As a result of his traffic enforcement he made 4 warrant arrests resulting from the contacts. His supervisors acknowledged that every minute of his shift is dedicated to proactive police work in high crime and accident prone areas. I would like to thank Corporal Rob Huncher for his time and energy for submitting Officer Callas. Corporal Huncher through his leadership recognizes those that work hard.


Lieutenant Will Buckingham #3731

Precinct Six/Towson

Administrative Lieutenant


April 19, 2018