From Baltimore County Police, originally published June 16, 2017:

MVA has recently received several complaints from residents in the Wiltondale Community regarding individuals described as Hispanic males attempting to retrieve Maryland driver’s licenses that were mailed to an address in the neighborhood.

These individuals have no connection to the families at the addresses which were used. They have falsely used these addresses, because they are not Maryland residents and they cannot obtain licenses in their home state.

While this fraud activity has popped up in Wiltondale, the selection of the addresses appears to be random and it could occur in any of our neighborhoods.

If you happen to receive mail from the MVA addressed to an unknown person or you encounter individuals who are attempting to retrieve mail from the MVA, I would ask that residents take the following steps:

  1. Report the incident to police by calling 911.
  2. Contact the MVA duty desk at (410) 768-7541 to arrange a meeting with an MVA investigator.

Thank you for your assistance,
Captain Jay Landsman, Jr.CommanderPrecinct 6 / TowsonBaltimore County Police Department

Source: Towson residents targeted with MVA fraud – Towson Flyer