Towson University Police Department held a SAFETY DAY, Monday, April 23, 2018 on campus.  There were 10 tables with good information for the students who attended.  One of the tables was Police and Community Relations Council, Baltimore County.

BELOW:Wesley Wood talked to students about PCRC.

BELOW: Sgt Steven Fink joined Wesley at the table.

BELOW: Officer Kia William, Towson University Police Dept, joined Sgt Fink, Baltimore County Police Department.

BELOW: Firefighters demonstrated how they cut a crashed car apart to pull somebody out when the person can not get out themselves.  First they showed us how they remove the doors.

BELOW: Then they removed the roof.  If there had been someone in the car, they would then be able to pull that person out.

BELOW: In the meantime, Pat France was at the table telling students about Citizens On Patrol in Towson Area.